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Smartgen Controller Baudouin Dg Set 1000kva Building Backup Generator

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Smartgen Controller Baudouin Dg Set 1000kva  Building Backup Generator
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Canopy: Customized
Rated Voltage: 400/230V, 110-480V, 220V / 380V, 110V / 240V, 380V
Warranty: 12 Months/1000 Hours
Alternator: Marathon, Stamford, SLG/Stamford/Marathon/Meccatle/Leroy-somer, Stamford Or Newtec, Engga
Type: Silent(super Silent)or Open, Silent, Etc, In-line/6-Cylinder/4-Stroke/4-Valve/19L, Soundproof Canopy(Silent)
Product Name: Diesel Genertor, Generator 250kw, Powered By Cummins Diesel Generator, Standby Use Power Diesel Generator 1000kw
Control Panel: LCD Digital Display, Deepsea, ComAp, Deepsea / ComAp / Harsen / Smartgen 6110, Smartgen
Color: Customers' Requirement
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Rated Power: 800kw 1000kva
Output Type: AC Single/Three Phase
Engine: Original Baudouin
Controller: Deepsea/Smartgen/etc
Cooling Method: Water-cooling System
Application: Indursty Bank Etc
High Light:

Smartgen Controller Baudouin Dg Set


1000kva Building Backup Generator


Baudouin Dg Set 1000kva

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Baudouin
Certification: CE
Model Number: BW series
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Plywood
Delivery Time: 30 days
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Product Description

Baudouin 1000kva industrial diesel power generator set powered by Original engine with high quality Alternator


The SmartGen Controller Baudouin DG Set is a state-of-the-art power generation system designed for building backup applications. With a massive 1000kVA (kilovolt-ampere) capacity, this generator offers robust and reliable performance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during emergencies or utility outages.

At the heart of this power solution is the advanced SmartGen controller, which provides intelligent and precise monitoring and control of the generator. The controller's smart features optimize fuel consumption and engine performance, resulting in cost-effective and efficient power generation.

The Baudouin engine installed in the DG Set is well-known for its high-quality construction and exceptional durability. This engine is specifically designed to deliver reliable power in demanding backup scenarios, making it a trusted choice for critical applications.

The 1000kVA capacity of the generator allows it to handle large electrical loads, making it suitable for powering entire buildings, data centers, hospitals, and other critical infrastructures during power outages.

With its intelligent controller and powerful Baudouin engine, the SmartGen Controller Baudouin DG Set 1000kVA Building Backup Generator ensures a seamless transition to backup power and offers peace of mind, knowing that essential operations will continue to run smoothly during unexpected power disruptions.


Products Features:
1.We cooperate with famous diesel engine Powered by original
Baudouin engine.
2. Equipped with 50°C radiator with fan, enough engine cooling system guarantee long time working
3. Equipped with advanced generator set control system, ATS system, remote control system, parallel operation system, optional control model, Deep sea, Smartgen , ComAp ,
4. Generator set use High-quality steel are thickness canopy -- 2MM to 6MM
5. High protect class control box and power output box. IP55, Waterproof, Electric leakage protect, Breaker,High water temperature protection,Engine oil alarm, Over load protection, Overfrequency protection, Emergency stop unit
6. New design of turn-back type for air inflow & air outlet which can reduce the noise and improve engine efficiency.
7. All new design for diesel generator set of Silent, Supper silent, Soundproof, Trailer type, Container type.

Safety - Stability - Economy - Reliability Power
Our generator set compliance with all main standards, such as : GB/T2820, ISO8528,IEC34, CE, EPA Tier4 standard

Controller System
Standard AMF control panel, including digital LED genset control model: HGM6120U, DSE7320, DSE

Gensets   Technical Data of Diesel Engine(50hz/1500rpm) Alternator(50hz/1500rpm) Size
Model Gensets power(KW/KVA) Engine
Engine power(kw) BOBIG Open type (MM) sounproof type (MM)
Prime Standby Prime
BWC550 400 500 440 550 6M26D484E200 440 BW-354D 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC688 500 625 550 688 6M33D572E200 520 BW-354FS 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC715 520 650 572 715 6M33D633E200 575 BW-354F 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC756 550 688 605 756 6M33D670E200 610 BW-354F 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC825 600 750 660 825 6M33D725E310 675 BW-404B 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC894 650 813 715 894 12M26D792E200 720 BW-404C 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC1031 750 938 825 1031 12M26D902E200 820 BW-404E 4500*1800*2745 5600*2200*2550
BWC1100 800 1000 880 1100 12M26D968E200 880 BW-404E 4500*1800*2745 6100*2250*3050
BWC1238 900 1125 990 1238 12M33D1108E200 1000 BW-404G 4650*2065*2500 6100*2250*3050
BWC1375 1000 1250 1100 1375 12M33D1210E200 1130 BW-404H 4650*2065*2500 6100*2250*3050
BWC1513 1100 1375 1210 1513 12M33D1320E200 1280 BW-404J 4650*2065*2500 6100*2250*3050
BWC1650 1200 1500 1320 1650 16M33D1530E310 1390 BW-454C 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC1788 1300 1625 1430 1788 16M33D1580E310 1430 BW-454D 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC1925 1400 1750 1540 1925 16M33D1680E310 1530 BW-454E 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC2063 1500 1875 1650 2063 16M33D1800E310 1680 BW-454E 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC2200 1600 2000 1760 2200 16M33D1980E310 1800 BW-454F 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC2475 1800 2250 1980 2475 20M33D2210E310 2010 BW-454H 4650*2065*2500 N/M
BWC2750 2000 2500 2200 2750 12M55D2450E310 2205 BW-454H 4650*2065*2500 N/M

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