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BOBIG, located in FuanTie Hu Industrial Zone Which is the flourishing area of the world manufacturing of power generators, owns one of the top manufacturers of power generators in China. BOBIG's reputation for low prices,Good Quality, fast shipping and excellent customer service keeps customers coming back.covering an area of 10,000 sq.m, and with a 6.000 sq.m. assembly workshop.

Over the past two decades, BOBIG devoted itself into researching, manufacturing, and installing of superb diesel Generator sets, range from 8kWto 4000KW.

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0A4A0947                                         Company Culture
 The success of our business relys on the spirit of our culture ” Integrity and      Honesty”, we pursuit solutions with great enthusiasm , customer needs are        our priority and we pay more attention to those details.

Responsibility of BOBIG

Bobig attaches importance to environment protection persistently, we             strictly following ISO14001 Environmental management System in diesel         generators manufacturing industry. Bobig conducts ISO9001 to standardized      business and manufacture operation to ensure the safety operation and            quality control. With great enthusiasm and persistence efforts, all Bobig            members are working toward the leading enterprise in the international line.




BOBIG management team and our employees

We dedicate to make this work place safe and efficient. Human asset is the fundamental to achieve this goal, we are proud of our management team and employees who have best quality and deep experience in the industry.



Our future

Our future is to become one of the world most prestigious generator sets manufacture, we continue designing for more reliable,safe, efficient and easy to use products. As the competition soaring in the industry, we will be more focus on cost cutting while improving the quality to help our customers gain more value and confidence on our products and projects.

Our Market

With the compelling quality and service,Bobig has built a good

reputation with customers in the area of generator sets, our products are exported to over eighty countries and regions.

Project Solutions